88Herbs is a premium brand of natural health Supplements.

We are sourcing experts. It's what we do.

Our mission is to find and use only the highest quality ingredients in every single product we make.

At 88Herbs, we realize there is a gigantic range in quality for every natural ingredient on the market. We research and find not only the highest quality and most effective natural ingredients in the world, but we also educate our customers on the subtle but important differences so they can make the best choices for their own health.

What do we mean by quality?

Do you realize there are literally hundreds of different options every supplement companies has when sourcing any ingredient?

If we're considering selling a specific new herbal supplement, here are just a few things we need to consider before launching anything:

  • Which active ingredients do we want to extract and in what % concentration?
  • Which part of the plant are we going to use?
  • Does this work better in a full spectrum form?
  • Which strain of the plant is best?
  • Which country is it grown in and in what type of soil?
  • Is it a patented form of the ingredient?
  • What scientific studies are backing our specific ingredient?
  • Do we need to combine it with anything else to enhance absorption?
  • Which form has the least heavy metals or other impurities?

We research and source every ingredient ourselves. We personally find the ingredients that work best. We don't rely on middle men or manufacturing facilities to do the work for us.

It's worth the effort. It's why our customers love us and it's why our products work the best.

The Team

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Andrew Best


Director of R&D

McMaster University


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Addison Best


Director of Digital

McMaster University


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Jason Ginsburg


Director of Operations

Western University


Why Trust Us?

We are not only following and exceeding all regulations, but we are at the forefront of proposing new regulations:

Health Canada Regulations

"Natural health products are not drugs. Therefore, why regulate them the same way?"

— Dean Allison, MP | Niagara West (Speaking on Behalf of 88Herbs)

Health Canada Certified Products

Our products are all certified and have NPN's (NATURAL PRODUCT NUMBERS) from Health Canada. We take regulations, safety, and compliance seriously and work with Canada and governments worldwide to continuously be at the forefront of the natural health industry.

Ashwagandha   L-theanine   Magnesium Bisglycinate   SleepX   Zen+   Rhodiola   Go+   Probiotic   Fish Oil   Milk Thistle   5-HTP   Curcumin   Elderberry  

We're in Stores

We sell in a growing list of health stores in Canada and abroad.

Our product range and distribution has grown rapidly since our initial launch in 2013.

We stay at the pulse of innovation and keep expanding our product line through research and feedback from our loyal customers.

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GMP & Third-party Testing

We are ingredient experts. We use only unique ingredients which are free of impurities and standardized to the highest levels of active ingredients.

Our products are manufactured in a GMP facility in Canada and every batch is 3rd party tested. Zero unhealthy fillers.


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Save and join the VIP Club.  Exclusive product offers and more.

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