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Have you ever wondered how to read supplement labels? Do you want to understand health supplements and how they work on the body? We want to teach you how supplements work on the body, about all of our ingredients - and most of all how to improve your health. We will go over all of our ingredients and show how they work on the different parts of of the body for conditions such as sleep and anxiety. We will also show how vitamins and minerals work on the body to help you improve your strength and increase testosterone.

All of the research, ingredients, and products are based on real-life human studies using double-blind experiments. We take a very scientific approach to health and supplements. We try our best to provide the most accurate and up to date information but please always do your own research and consult a health care practitioner before using any of this information on your own health. This is meant as a starting point and news source of new ways to treat your body and improve your health through natural medicine.



Articles to educate and improve your overall health and life.

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Newest Articles:
  • Curcumin for Knee Pain and Inflammation

    Curcumin can help significantly reduce knee pain and inflammation. It has been shown to be more effective than NSAIDS like ibuprofen and diclofenac sodium, but without the GI side effects. The type of knee pain you have matters, as does making sure you get a curcumin supplement that actually absorbs well. 1. Does it actually work?Yes. Curcumin has been … READ MORE

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  • Curcumin and fish oil together

    Taking curcumin and fish oil together increases both the absorption of curcumin and the absorption of omega 3 fats from fish oil (DHA and EPA) than taking either alone. and fish oil taken together is a powerful synergistic combination for a large number of health conditions. Both curcumin and the omega 3’s from fish oil are anti inflammatory. They are … READ MORE

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  • Leg Cramps at Night – Type of Magnesium that Actually Works!

    Millions of men and women (especially those over 50 years old) get painful leg cramps almost every night. Most often they are harmless, except for the fact that they really hurt and will ruin your otherwise peaceful sleep.These nocturnal leg cramps feel like a sudden tight and painful knot in the calves, feet, quads, or hamstrings. They make us … READ MORE

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