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Have you ever wondered how to read supplement labels? Do you want to understand health supplements and how they work on the body? We want to teach you how supplements work on the body, about all of our ingredients - and most of all how to improve your health. We will go over all of our ingredients and show how they work on the different parts of of the body for conditions such as sleep and anxiety. We will also show how vitamins and minerals work on the body to help you improve your strength and increase testosterone.

All of the research, ingredients, and products are based on real-life human studies using double-blind experiments. We take a very scientific approach to health and supplements. We try our best to provide the most accurate and up to date information but please always do your own research and consult a health care practitioner before using any of this information on your own health. This is meant as a starting point and news source of new ways to treat your body and improve your health through natural medicine.

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    Even for us coffee lovers, the nervous and jittery feeling we get from consuming too much caffeine is horrible. This article is a simple one, and its purpose is to give you the single best way to overcome caffeine jitters.  There is a lot written online about this topic, but I was surprised by how ineffective most of the advice … READ MORE

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  • How to Sleep Better Naturally

    I hate cranky people.  More accurately, I like them a lot better when they are in a good mood. Even one poor night’s sleep makes us all feel and act like total garbage.  When we string several sleepless nights together it gets even worse.  We become a pathetic version of ourselves. Of course, this doesn’t even mention the long-term health … READ MORE

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  • Rhodiola Rosea for Depression – A Complete Guide

    I’m very excited to talk about how rhodiola rosea can potentially help with depression, and everything else you need to know about this topic. Rhodiola is an amazing adaptogen with a wide range of health benefits. There is a growing body of scientific evidence (as well as a lot of anecdotal) showing rhodiola’s potential ability to act as effectively as … READ MORE

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