Rhodiola for Energy and Stamina


There are many health benefits of rhodiola rosea, but here we are going to focus on why rhodiola rosea is perhaps the best natural supplement for increasing energy and stamina.

The first point is the type of energy you get from a good rhodiola supplement is superior to many other ways to get a boost of energy. Caffeine (and even sugar) will provide a boost of energy, but then there is always the looming crash that comes with those. Rhodiola will give you a stable type of long-lasting energy, without the crash. It will also make you feel less stressed and less anxious, as opposed to the nervous or “jittery” feeling that comes with too much caffeine. It is worth noting that some people who love caffeine and tolerate it well, enjoy stacking (or taking together) both rhodiola and caffeine. Many take L-Theanine with it as well.

Rhodiola is great for fighting both mental and physical fatigue. When you don’t sleep enough, when you feel you may have chronic fatigue (tired most days) and/or you often wake up with brain fog, then rhodiola is a perfect choice to have first thing in the morning. It’s also a great choice if you are working out a lot or doing a lot of physical training or labor.

Here is our premium organic rhodiola rosea, (Standardized to 3.5% rosavins & 2.5% salidrosides. Great for increasing energy, and both mental and physical stamina)

To prove rhodiola is great for mental fatigue, a famous study was done where 56 young doctors (during the night shift) were given rhodiola. The study concluded the doctors performed significantly better on their tasks of short term memory, calculation, and cognitive function. Their stress-induced fatigue symptoms went down significantly. Here is a link to that study.

Rhodiola Study

More and more students have been taking rhodiola during exam study periods and experiencing better concentration and test results, in addition to the fact they can study for longer periods of time without falling asleep at their desks.

Another study was done where rhodiola was given to students, physicians, and scientists who were about to embark on 3 weeks of mentally stimulating work – such as studying for and taking final exams. The group taking rhodiola was able to work much longer hours, and their quality of work increased as a result.

The benefits of rhodiola for reducing physical fatigue and increasing stamina are very impressive as well. Rhodiola was a well-known Russian secret during the cold war. Many Russian athletes took rhodiola and performed amazingly well during the olympics. It was also given to Russian political leaders, astronauts, and international financiers to give them a huge edge.

One study showed that when people took 200mg of rhodiola an hour before a workout, they were able to work out significantly longer and harder. They also recovered faster and had less inflammation (lower levels of C-reactive protein). Thus rhodiola also can shorten the recovery time between workouts.

This study showed that rhodiola rosea is effective in treating patients with stress related burnout.

This study showed that rhodiola rosea extract is may be an effective treatment for those suffering from prolonged or chronic fatigue.

This makes rhodiola rosea an amazing pre-workout supplement as well.

An animal study (which likely has similar results in humans) showed that when rats were given rhodiola, they were able to swim 25% further than rats who were not. This is a huge difference in stamina.

In summary, rhodiola is a great natural energy booster. It’s best to take in the morning (on an empty stomach) or an hour before doing something mentally or physically demanding (like working out or studying). It’s best not to take it at nighttime so you don’t interfere with your sleep. It reduces the stress hormone cortisol and improves mood, in addition to increasing your mental and physical energy and stamina.

We searched the world for the best and most potent rhodiola supplement. We were able to source a premium grade, high potency, rhodiola extract from Tibet. It is organic, non-GMO, and standardized to contain very high amounts of the active ingredients (3.5% rosavins and 2.5% salidrosides) Get it here

It is also great with our ashwagandha.

Read more on the benefits of the rhodiola and ashwagandha combination.


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