L-Theanine and Anger Management

We’ve experimented a lot with L-Theanine – it’s one of our absolute favorite supplements.

When we look at the wide range of effects it has on people, one of the most strikingly obvious ones is that it seems to control people’s anger, and almost “short circuit” their “short fuse” mechanism.
So, does supplementing with L-Theanine seem to help control anger?

Yes. Absolutely yes.

I’ve even gone as far as trying to tease a few close friends and willing participants who were experiencing the affects of L-Theanine. I was almost trying to make them angry by getting under their skin – it didn’t work, I couldn’t make them angry very easily at all.

We all know that some people get angry and snappy more easily than others, but from what we’ve seen time and time again, those who are on L-Theanine seem to find getting angry and “blowing up for no reason” much more difficult.

It’s well documented that L-Theanine is great for making people feel calm and relaxed. But what is newer is that it now also seems to be really effective at keeping them in this state. Once they are calm and relaxed from the effects of L-Theanine, its significantly more difficult for them to “switch gears” and get into their usual patterns of explosive and needless anger.

L-Theanine is great for anyone who has anger issues, and it’s great to recommend to anyone you know who is may have trouble with anger management. (Note: They might be more willing to try if you tell them it will make them more relaxed and improve their mood, rather than tell them it’s for their “anger problems”)

There are many ways in which L-Theanine may help control anger. One simple one is that it increases the effects of GABA, thus putting people in a calmer and more relaxed state. GABA is inhibitory, so a normal event or stimulus which may typically induce anger will be ignored.

It also makes people feel happier by slightly increasing dopamine. It’s difficult to feel happy and angry at the same time. Dopamine is released after sex for example – and think about how difficult it is to become angry for no reason right after sex.

L-Theanine also causes nice long and stable alpha brain waves. These long and stable alpha brain waves are the furthest type of brain activity from anger. Once your mind is in this state, it’s not easy to get out of it. Amazingly, L-Theanine doesn’t cause drowsiness, so you don’t need to worry about taking it during the day. You’ll be relaxed but clear headed.

L-Theanine is also helpful with liver metabolism, and a sluggish and poorly functioning liver is well known to be associated with anger as well.

Main conclusion here is that based on modern scientific literature, and also an incredible amount of first hand evidence and experiences, we highly recommend giving a premium grade L-Theanine a try for anger management issues, as well as for increasing relaxation and improving mood. It really and truly is a wonderful supplement.


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