Best Natural Supplements to help Studying for Exams

best natural supplements to help exam with studying

Here we are going to examine the most effective natural supplements to actually help you actually improve your study sessions. We will look at how to naturally:

• Increase energy, stamina, and motivation to study
• Improve focus and concentration while studying
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Improve memory and retention
• Help us sleep better

If we can improve the 5 aspects mentioned above, we should be able to do a lot better on our exams and with regards to studying in general. All of the above aspects affect different students to varying degrees. We’ll look at each item separately as well as discuss some supplements which could help with each. We’ll look at some science as well as an overall recommendation of what to try towards the bottom of the article.

Increase energy, stamina, and motivation:

If we’re overtired and lack any energy or motivation to study in the first place, then not much will happen and not much else is important. We need to not only sit in front of a book or computer screen, but we need to have the motivation, energy, and stamina to really put in a solid effort. It’s easy to feel too tired and overwhelmed to even start, so let’s see what we can do here.

Caffeine can actually be very useful, but on its own it can lead to a crash or anxiety. When caffeine is combined with l-theanine, the results are much better (for a variety of reasons listed in the article). The l theanine is a natural amino acid found in green tea, which takes any jittery edge away from caffeine, and smooths out the energy. It also helps a lot with improving our ability to focus.

High quality rhodiola rosea is great for increasing long lasting energy and stamina. It has been shown to help stressed out medical doctors perform much better in terms of increasing concentration, improving short term memory, decreasing mental fatigue, as well as improving overall stamina. Rhodiola is energizing, but it provides a different kind of energy than caffeine. The type of rhodiola is very important, as a lot of what is on the market is weak in potency, is a different strain than true rhodiola rosea, or has been adulterated in some way.

We made a great supplement which actually combines all three ingredients. Our Go+ contains premium grade l theanine, non-GMO caffeine, and our highly standardized Tibetan rhodiola rosea. This is a great supplement to try for improving your studying.

Improve mental focus and concentration

It is obviously necessary to have good focus and concentration while we’re studying or else we’re wasting our time. We all know what it’s like to be scatterbrained and have our minds wandering all over the place when we’re trying to learn something.

Improving our focus is not always easy either (or else we’d just do it automatically whenever we wanted to). It’s not just as simple as “buckling down” or not being “lazy”.

As mentioned in the section above, the combo of l theanine and caffeine is very good for improving mental focus. It’s calming too, so it will help your excess nervousness. Again, here is the link to Go+, which also contains rhodiola. A great product for mental focus and concentration.

If you someone who really doesn’t want any caffeine at all, then high quality l theanine on its own is very effective too. We also offer a great l-theanine

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Excess stress and anxiety can really ruin our ability to study. The motivation and extra energy to study well is a kind of healthy stress, but here we’re referring to the unhealthy stress and extra worry that is common in students (as well as the general population).

We need to be very careful how we deal with this extra stress and anxiety. Alcohol and some sedative medications can help temporarily take the stress and anxiety away, but they will dramatically decrease our ability to focus and make us drowsy.

Ashwagandha can really help reduce stress and anxiety. It is an adaptogen from India and is highly effective in reducing our extra cortisol (our primary stress hormone), and really can help us relax. The quality of different forms of ashwagandha varies greatly. We use a highly standardized, organic, ashwagandha root extract called KSM-66®. It is the most highly studied ashwagandha in the world and is very effective. Here is a link to our ashwagandha
It works effectively on its own and will also work well with our GO+.

It can help reduce stress and anxiety without making you sleepy (although it is good before bed to help give us a deeper sleep).

Improve Memory and Retention

There is really no point in studying if we don’t remember anything we just studied. The same ashwagandha we just mentioned above has been shown to help with memory retention. Ashwagandha Study

You will also see in that link that in addition to improving memory, ashwagandha helped with other aspects of cognitive function.

Help us Sleep Better

Getting a deep REM sleep is a very important component of studying. It’s just important to remember that we need to study first!

The deep REM sleep helps us to process the information we studied and form the memories and neural connections necessary to perform well on exams, and actually understand the material. If we don’t sleep enough, our study sessions are worse, and our exam performance is worse as well. A lot of the supplements we mentioned above actually will help us sleep.

Ashwagandha is great to improve sleep, l-theanine is also great for not only improving sleep, but also REM sleep. If you really have trouble sleeping, you can try our SleepX either on its own or with our ashwagandha. Here is a video about combining our ashwagandha with SleepX for sleep. ASHWAGANDHA AND SLEEP VIDEO

We have thousands of customers from all over the world enjoying our products every day. We’ll ship your orders out right away if you are interested in trying any of these supplements listed above. We wish you all the best in your learning and studying.


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