Supplements for approach anxiety

Supplements for approach anxiety

There has been a lot written in the PUA community and in forums about approach anxiety, and what types of natural supplements or pills work the best to relieve it.
This article will attempt to provide a much deeper biochemical understanding of approach anxiety and give men some solid advice for dealing with it by using a combination of natural herbal supplements.
The anxiety men experience when it comes to meeting women is completely natural, and it’s biological. It’s extremely frustrating, but it’s totally normal.

On a physiological level, it’s not really any different than “social anxiety”. It’s just a very specific type of social anxiety with a mild phobia (fear) attached to it.
The best way to cure this is to understand what is going wrong in the brain, and then use modern science to combat these effects.
Many people in the pick up community have recommended “L-theanine” on it’s own for the best natural way of reducing approach anxiety.
Here is a far better more potent combination supplement for approach anxiety
I’m not sure why L-theanine gained so much popularity for this specific condition, but the fact is that there are much better alternatives.

L-theanine is the substance in green and black tea which provides a calming effect. It acts as a mild anxioltic (anti anxiety) and a very mild muscle relaxer. It’s perfectly reasonable to try it to relieve any nervousness when meeting women, and it’s a great supplement, but it’s likely not strong enough on it’s own to really make a difference.
Since the anxiety men experience when meeting new and attractive women for the first time is so strong and powerful, it’s necessary to combat these fears and obsessive thoughts with a strong and relaxing cocktail of herbal remedies which work together.

For men to feel calm and stand a better chance of succeeding with women, they will need to experience the following feelings:

1. Increased confidence and self belief
2. Significantly reduced feelings of anxiety
3. Increased happiness and sense of optimism
4. Reduced feelings of second guessing and self doubt
5. A sense of inner peace and calmness

To achieve these affects simultaneously, it’s best to take the correct combination of potent herbal extracts which are designed to deliver these results.
L-theanine will help increase self confidence, but only marginally on it’s own. It will work much better if it’s combined with 5 HTP. 5 HTP is often prescribed as an all natural anti depressant. Even if you aren’t depressed in general, the 5 HTP should make you feel “happier”, “more confident”, and in a better mood. Women will quickly notice and appreciate your better mood and sense of self belief too.

Another benefit of using 5 HTP is that it works very quickly.
Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) can work very well too. It’s an “adaptagen” meaning that it regulates all kinds of processes in the body. It reduces stress and anxiety and increases confidence. You can take it in large doses and it’s very non toxic. It should definitely be mixed in with other supplements because it’s effects are much stronger in a blend, and the effects take a longer time to work. Sometimes people need to take ashwagandha for several days or weeks straight to experience the full effects. If you have approach anxiety in general, you can consider taking ashwagandha daily. It’s fantastic for other parts of your health as well.

The combination of valerian root extract and passionflower is a great combo too. This is because valerian increases the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain, and passionflower stops the enzyme that breaks down and destroys GABA. That is a simple explanation but essentionally that is how it works.

High levels of GABA in the brain mean low anxiety, low worry, low racing thoughts. It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter (alcohol is inhibitory as well) so it drastically slows down the crazy and useless thoughts and makes you “more normal” in these stressful and nervous situations. These are well known to be like a “natures valium”, even on their own. But the combo of passionflower extract and valerian is incredibly powerful for reducing anxiety.
If you often experience nervousness or approach anxiety when meeting women, you really should try ZenX. It’s made from incredibly potent herbal extracts to relieve general anxiety, depression, social anxiety, and lift confidence and mood. It’s probably the best and most powerful supplement or pill on the market for curing approach anxiety.



Is a natural supplement to help reduce anxiety


Is a natural supplement to help reduce anxiety


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